Cooperative Abstract Games

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Abstract games
... and then, we held hands.
Metapontum Peace Chess
Chess in Colour
Cohado (outside link)
Unofficial variants: Coop Checkers
Game I made: Catalonia

Other games
board games: Pandemic/Forbidden Island, Feurio!, Cooperative Scrabble, Mephisto, Zendo
card games: Shamus, Tri (to come)

Family Pastimes games
Child and Nature games

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What is it about?

On this site, I am interested in cooperative abstract games, although, due to the dearth of such games, I will also include other kinds of games if they are relatively similar. There is no information on this topic available on the Internet, mainly because there are very few c.a. games. I know of sites that sell some cooperative games for adults, mostly board games: Family Pastimes, Child and Nature and EcoChoices. Some are also offered at Kadon Enterprises.

If you own a cooperative abstract game and would like to submit a description of its rules and mechanics, or if you have made a c.a. game of your own, please email me.

A lot of web sites out there have great lists of ideas for non-abstract cooperative games, especially for children (see this page or this page for examples). These are beyond the scope of this site.