... and then, we held hands.


This is a somewhat well-known game (at least, it has a lot of reviews on BoardGameGeek), having a somewhat different orientation than most abstract coops. The theme is relationships: both players start at the edge of the board and have to make their way towards the center, by using emotion cards which permit movement to their associated color, with as much balance as possible. Players are not permitted to talk in order to plan moves, making coordination much more difficult. That's the basics of it, although there are many other factors (such as two possible functions for each card, depending on what side the player is on, and an emotional balance counter, which must be kept in equilibrium).

... and then, we held hands has received mixed reviews. People looking for a complex abstract are put off by its simplicity, but people who play with their significant other and treat the game as a couples experience seem to get a lot out of it.

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